About Us

Steven Z Epstein Architects specializes in residential, retail, restaurant, corporate offices and commercial architectural projects.  We have provided a full range of architectural services for our clients for over 20 years, in South Florida and nationwide, from preliminary design through construction administration. We have designed many unique projects, such as polo horse stables complete with grooms’ quarters, and a regional playhouse. Our current projects include custom homes and residential and retail remodels. Our commercial clients include retail chains like Office Depot (over 100 stores, warehouses and sales offices), Mars Music (30 stores), Walgreens, Eyeglass World, Stanton Optical and Lasik Vision Centers around the country, as well as individual retail and restaurant locations.

Steven Epstein graduated from the University of Miami in 1981 and became a registered architect in 1984. He formed Steven Z Epstein Architects in 1988. The only computer in the office was used for correspondence and bookkeeping. Drafting was done by hand with parallel bars, triangles and templates, and blueprints still printed in blue! There is still a drafting desk in the office, but all the other stations have state of the art computers, software and equipment. With our large format plotter and printer, we never have to make a last-minute trip to the blue-printer. We reduced our carbon footprint by designing our house to include a separate 1,000 square foot office.

At SZE Architects, we value customer satisfaction, from our smallest residential remodel to our largest national retail client. We provide service that is competitively priced, on time, and accurate. Our staff is creative, experienced, and reliable. We still respect the time- honored traditions of good business. Talk to us, not to our voice mail.

Our motto is “Building Connections”, because we have found that our clients recommend us to their friends, families and business associates.  In fact, most of our advertising is word of mouth.  “Building Connections” also reflects our ability to collaborate with clients on a variety of projects, creating not only solid design but relationships along the way.  Bring us your ideas and we will take your project from concept to reality, respecting your style and budget. SZE clients range from small contractors to growing families to national chains, and hopefully you.